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Understanding customer relationships @appliedMLdays

We presented our approach to retention modelling based on structured and unstructured data as a poster at the packed Applied Machine-Learning days 2017 in Lausanne with 450 people from academics and industry. It was a pleasure to enjoy a plethora of interesting presentations, be it about general AI from the "Dad of Artificial Intelligence" or more applied topics like making use of customer interactions. A great talk in that area was held by Claudiu Musat, research director at the AI-lab of Swisscom about what AI is doing for Swisscom and will do for them in the near future. Especially interesting was what they are planing to do to improve the Call-Center agent on-boarding process and to better understand customer interactions. We are reinforced in our mission to bringing efficient real-time analysis of customer interactions to companies who have lasting customer relationships. 

A big thank you to the team who put together this awesome event, looking forward to next year's edition where we will hopefully be presenting successful integrations of our own AI software!





February 1, 2017


Pascal de Buren

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