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AI-powered retention @ CEM London

We think that Deep learning applied to Natural Language Processing (NLP) can become a prevalent tool for proactive customer churn management 


During the last couple of months, we had great, inspiring discussions with many business leaders, marketing executives particularly in saturated markets such as Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance. Most of them are seeking new ways to retain and nurture existing customer relationships. Through these discussions it also has become clear that 100 Celsius AI natural language processing methods can play a decisive role in analyzing the vast amounts of unstructured customer data, combined with structured inputs.


100 Celsius AI is now launching new predictive software tools for actionable insights in reducing customer churn and is participating in the Customer Experience Management Summit in London.


Taking predictive retention modeling to the next level


Traditional retention modeling tools we have seen in existing solutions and in in-house data science teams are using structured data as its primary source of information. The far richer, insightful unstructured data contained in customer service emails or calls is lost. Our core NLP technology based on the latest deep-learning approaches allows us to combine both structured and unstructured data, providing novel customer insights.


“For those businesses which have adopted a customer retention strategy, the use of structured data has rapidly shown its limits. We, as Telecommunication-providers, need data analytics that help us understand our customers better and faster through directly actionable recommendations, which is exactly what 100 Celsius AI is looking to provide” confirms Mehdi Megdiche, Senior marketing executive with Telecommunication providers.


Together with our customers, we build domain-specific predictive models and identify which customers are likely to churn in the impending future and take corrective actions. The key remains in the adequate training of the underlying model using domain knowledge to ensure the highest accuracy and relevance for our clients.


Delivering actionable customer insights


With our new software application, we address a growing need for natural language processing applications, delivered as simple SaaS solutions, to effectively manage customer retention. Our clients seek simple, individual customer level actionable insights in high data flow environment. We deliver this by exploiting extremely valuable customer feedback and comments, which provide in turn customer-level churn drivers.

We are excited to continue providing unique solutions as we launch our application during the upcoming Customer Experience Management Summit in London on January 24th 2017.


About Customer Experience Management Summit


Customer demands are constantly evolving and will not slow down. To combat this operators have been managing digital transformation, seamless omnichannel experiences and embedding the Voice of the Customer into their operations. However, with technology breeding disruptive competitors and greater consumer standards, it is increasingly difficult to maintain pace with customers. This is all making operators connect with customers in new ways on new channels with new products. CEM Global addresses pertinent challenges for B2B and B2C at the QEII Conference Centre in London on 23rd-26th January 2017 with practitioners given the opportunity to learn from tangible case studies and sit side-by-side with their peers to deduce how to drive revenue. Further information available here.


About 100 Celsius AI


Customer relationships are becoming ever more complex, subject to exchange of growing volume of unstructured data. We believe relationship excellence with existing customers is where services and news providers should focus. Our products based on natural language processing enable medium and large enterprises to better manage their customer relationships, giving them more efficient community management, retrieval of structured information and improved customer retention.

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January 20, 2017


Hervé Flutto

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