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Our wish for the New Year 2017: less (social) marketing overflow, better customer service!


We think something is fundamentally wrong with the data overflow to capture new users and customers online and offline. The continued increase in acquisition marketing is scaring customers off and leads only to decreasing returns. We think businesses are much better off spending money, energy and resources on one key asset: their existing Customers!

We have seen the concept "AI-first" used in various places. We believe Artificial Intelligence is a great tool, but cannot be a goal in itself. We prefer to use the concept Customer-First. We focus on Deep learning applications for best-in-class customer relationships. Our software enables providers to achieve excellence in customer relationship management, drawing value from the vast amounts of unstructured customer data. Our client value scalable analytics software solutions, using modern natural language processing methods.


Taking customer relationships to the next level

“Our award winning Deep Learning technology and expertise enables us to provide cutting-edge, unique, ready-to-use software packages for community management, Information curating or customer retention”, says Maurice Gonzenbach, co-founder, graduate from ETH Zurich. Our technology platform addresses the very dynamic market for Cognitive Software solutions, which is growing very rapidly at 55% p.a..

“We see too many businesses overspending on customer acquisition, neglecting to effectively manage and grow the relationships they have with their large customers base. Subscription-based businesses come to us looking for novel solutions to manage one-to-one relationships in high volume data environments” confirms Hervé Flutto, Co-founder, EMBA graduate from IMD, Lausanne.

The customer acquisition rush, inbound and outbound marketing tactics, has reached its limits: increasing acquisition by 1% would lead to just over a 3% boost in profit, while increasing Revenue Per User by 1% or improving retention by 1% would boost profit 13% and 7% respectively. Check-out this study for further insights.


Delivering actionable customer insights

We see a growing need for natural language processing applications, delivered as simple SaaS solutions, to effectively manage customer relationships. “Our customers want to move away from generic aggregated information. They seek simple, individual customer level actionable insights in high data flow environments” states Pascal de Buren, Co-Founder, graduate from ETH Zurich. 

Tackling this market demand with unique solutions, we are now entering the second stage of the VentureKick competition.


About Venture Kick 

Since the launch of Venture Kick in 2007, an initiative of the Venture Kick Foundation, 403 project teams have benefited from the overall support of CHF 16.01 million. The program has contributed to the creation of 3.434 new jobs for highly qualified people and to a financing volume of CHF 896 million. 54 of the TOP 100 Swiss Startups 2015 started with Venture Kick. Seven are even in the top 10: L.E.S.S., Abionic, Flyability, Bcomp, QualySense, Glycemicon and Lunaphore. These results show that the Venture Kick approach creates a great benefit for the Swiss economy and its workplace. All highlights of 2015, detailed statistics about Venture Kick’s financing activities and job creation in the Venture Kick annual report.


About 100 Celsius AI

Customer relationships are becoming ever more complex, subject to exchange of growing volume of unstructured data. We believe relationship excellence with existing customers is where services and news providers should focus.

Our products based on natural language processing (NLP) enable medium and large enterprises to better manage their customer relationships, giving them more efficient community management, retrieval of structured information and improved customer retention.






January 5, 2017


Hervé Flutto

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