100 Celsius AI

Predictive customer analytics

We're a young information technology venture, developing cutting edge
machine learning solutions.

Our specialty is
deep learning for natural language processing & image recognition.


Survey coding

Automatically code open ended questions of surveys on Codit.co.



Customer Retention

Predictive churn modelling & campaign creation. ▶ Watch Teaser

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Image recognition

Identify and localize natural or artificial objects in pictures even in difficult conditions.


Sentiment Analysis

Check out our showcase performing sentiment-analysis.

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Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of
professionals from both business
and technology. Having worked at Fortune 500 companies and top-tier
consulting firms as well as
small businesses and startups,
we bring together a vast set of skills and experiences.

Data Security & Privacy

We develop our SaaS products on established platforms and open-source frameworks, ensuring that your data stays within Europe.

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Based in Zurich, we offer our services from Switzerland to the world.

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Customer retention with AI

Read about the prediction of churn in subscription based businesses

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Hervé Flutto

Hervé Flutto

Over 20 years of Senior management, Business Development and Finance experience with Fortune 500 but also for SME’s including fund raising with VC / Private Equity.

Executive MBA, IMD / Msc in Finance EDHEC /
GE Black Belt Six Sigma

Maurice Gonzenbach

Maurice Gonzenbach

Strong background in deep learning,
specifically for natural language processing.
Business experience through work at
ETH juniors and Bain & Company.

MSc ETH, Computational Science & Engineering

Pascal de Buren

Pascal de Buren

Machine learning and software engineer; Entrepreneurial experience through work at ETH juniors and The Boston Consulting Group.

MSc ETH, Interdisciplinary sciences